Video Poker Basic Rules

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Player now presses "Deal" button and new cards will be dealt out where discarded (non-held) cards once sat. A total 5 cards that you now have is your remaining hand. Your final hand determines whether you succeed or suffer a loss.

Single Hand Electronic Poker

Every 1-hand Electronic-Poker game is usually bet with $.05, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1.00 or $5.00 and also you may perhaps wager on from 1 to Five coins per hand. Depending on coins played, the electronic-poker game will highlight the payout column for there to be absolutely no misunderstandings as to how much you are playing any specific game.

Multi-Hand Electronic-Poker (3 or more hands)

Each and every Video-Poker game that has Three or more hands may be wagered with $.01, $.05, Twenty five cents, $.50 or One dollar and also you may perhaps play from 1 – 5 coins per hand. Players can select from 3 hands, Ten hands, Fifty two hands or 100 hands. If you might be betting with a game that has Three or more hands, you can click "Pay table" button to see payout schedule with correct column highlighted based on coins wagered.

Every single hand wagered by a gambler, cards held by player’s appear. Cards are drawn randomly filling spots. As soon as a card or cards have been thrown away by a player, they cannot appear in any future hands.

Electronic-Poker Hands (Highest – Lowest)

Video-Poker hands are normally ranked in order, but game-specific pay tables may perhaps vary and are always posted on each and every video-poker machine.

One: Sequential Royal Flush – exact order and suite (Ten-S, Jack-S, Queen-S, K Spades, Ace Spades )

2: Royal Flush – exact same suit (Ten Hearts, Queen-H, J Hearts, AH, KH)

Three: Straight Flush – in sequence, 5 cards similar suit (Three-S, Four-S, Five-S, 6S, Seven Spades)

Four: Four of ace Kind – Four cards similar rank (6D, 6S, Six-C, Six-H)

Five: Full House – Three a kind, plus a pair (Two-H, Two-s, Two-S, 3 Hearts, Three Spades)

Six: Flush – 5 cards same suit (Two Diamonds, Four-D, 6 Diamonds, 8D, 9 Diamonds)

Seven: Straight – Five cards in sequence (3 Hearts, 4 Clubs, 5 Hearts, 6 Spades, 7D)

8: Three of a Kind – 3 cards exact same rank (7H, 7s, 7D)

9: 2 Pair – 2 pairs several rank (Four Hearts, 4S, Six Diamonds, 6 Spades)

Ten: One Pair – One pair (Two cards) similar rank (KD, King Hearts)

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